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In today’s world, knowing exactly who is on your property and the purpose for which they are there, is of utmost importance!

The Security Patrol Track Software offers a robust Visitor Management System. It is built to accommodate both the egress and ingress at virtually any facility including:

• Gated Communities
• Apartment Complexes
• Commercial Office Buildings
• Manufacturing Facilities
• School Buildings

Know the precise time when a person arrived and exactly when they left the property. Track their visiting history with easily produced reports. Share this activity with your client in REAL TIME!

You are able to monitor the visitor activity with either card access procedures or lookup programs using autocomplete technology for names, license plates, etc.

Match visitor photos for fool proof identification.

Our system allows you to record and track individuals that, for one reason or another, are banned from the property either for a definitive period, or anytime in the future!


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