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Security Patrol Track makes security guard activity

reporting  easy, affordable and professional

Whether the activity is a site visit by a supervisor, rounds made by a static guard, a checkpoint scan, a formal incident report or a follow up request, Security Patrol Track maintains full detailed information that can be pulled out into a report in seconds and in REAL TIME!  Security Patrol Track includes a large variety of reporting choices to help you manage your field activities. 
All reports are custom branded with your company name and logo.  This means that your clients will know that you are bringing transparency to the relationship, which makes for better client acquisition and retention! We will do this for you, prior to your set-up training, so your deployment will still be fast and easy. You can offer a web portal option to your clients for view only access to reports in real time instead of emailing. 
All reports can be downloaded, as well as printed providing you full control over your data.
The system allows you to maintain a full Client Master file including client contact names and contact information, start dates, renewal dates and uploaded Post Orders.  All sites and checkpoints are automatically geo-coded in the Client Master for purposes of comparison to the actual location of field personnel.  You can even set a tolerance limit in feet to limit the variances that appear on the reports.
The Available Reports Include:
  • Client Master Report
  • Daily Activity Reports
  • Database Search of All Activity
  • Client Activity Report
  • Field User Activity Report
  • Incident Report Detail
  • QR Code Scan Report including Officer Comments
  • Follow Up Request Report
  • Follow Up Request in a Calendar Format

Each report can be filtered by date, as well as other criteria such as client, site, checkpoint, field user and QR tag serial number!

All reports include a “detail page” for each line item entry on the report that includes the full information regarding the item including a Google satellite image pinpointing the location of the user.  (“View” )


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