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QR Code Scanning

Our security guard management system includes an integrated QR code scanning feature.

Security Patrol Track makes scanning checkpoints and receiving scan reports simple!  A security guard checkpoint system is necessary to compete in today’s demanding security officer industry.  It provides your clients with peace of mind to receive a checkpoint report with events that are time-stamped,  and include a satellite photo of where the scan took place.  Our system is very user-friendly for you, your officers and your clients.

Simply Scan and Record!

Coding Scanning Website

Security Patrol Track makes a portal available for your clients to access their reports which are branded with your company logo and name.  Your client’s report lists date, time, checkpoint scanned and a satellite photo.

Create your own codes or let us create them for you!  Codes can be printed on a variety of media, from paper labels to metal tags.   This module completely eliminates the need for a separate, traditional guard tour system. Our system is integrated so scan activity, including scan comments and photos, can be printed as a separate report, or as part of one of the many other activity reports.

Our system also supports RFID/NFC technology with the same app.


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